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It's a little known fact that due to the nature of electro-magnetism and gravity (very short version) we do not touch anything. Our feet can't actually come in contact with the ground since those particles differ from that of the surface. The electro-magnetic force pushes back at many times greater strength than that of gravity, holding us up away from the opposing particles below. The same is true for any differenciating group of particles on the quantum level. So, your feet don't touch your socks, your socks can't touch your shoes and your shoes don't touch the ground. You're suspended in space, apart from all matter...Spiralling, spinning...And it raises the biggest question..."So...How does lotion work?"

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

We "Owe It To Ourselves"

This is an interesting article submitted to me by a great friend…,0,5682260.story

Since the origin of my blog was to delve into the unique and fringe, this is a great jump start and reminder for me to get on track again!

Check out the wrap up in the article. We owe it to ourselves to...What exactly? Could there be a HUGE hole in this theory that we should deconstruct our faith based mechanisms?

You really think you want to take the foundation of a law abiding society, which is the general fear of God and to do good, and chuck it out in the trash?

Here’s one for you - You live in a relatively steady environment. You can walk to your mailbox without a random bomb going off, correct? Perhaps you live in a gated community - A huge wall surrounds it, armed guards on patrol…A police sub-station just minutes away…And  you are an avid, anit-gun protestor. Not to get into politics in this post and muddy up the water, but there are millions of people that believe Americans should not be armed…And they have the freedom to protest it because there are millions and MILLIONS more, armed Americans…Including our soldiers and the soldiers who fought and died for our freedoms before them that are and were All ARMED. So, you’re fat and happy and free, and you have time to contemplate life without God, life without the “Big scary, vengeful authority figure that is keeping you down and potentially frowning on your abuse of “Medical" marijuana.

Part of the issue of God for a non-believer is just that - A problem with authority. Is it really a problem with not having any proof? It seems like proof feeds the fire of the Atheist, so it begs the question TO the Atheist, where’s YOUR proof of a Godless existence for all?

Just because you’ve determined that your brain is an accidental, although nearly perfect processor, operating as a chemical / electrical compound and has “automatically” evolved to produce a conscious mind which recognizes “self”, doesn’t mean you have “proof” that it was not designed.

There are probably only a handful of Atheists that can argue their side with big words, tons of charts and statistical analysis till the cows come home and wrap it all up with a lifestyle that is one of moral and ethical values that religious folk can respect.

Most of the Atheists I've known and have done battle with, are classically abused or attached to mamma's teat, sheltered from reality in every which way. It shows in their inability to process the thing that is always left out of the arguments…Acceptance that today, in our current state, it is likely that we cannot even fathom the truth of our reality.  

That is why I completely understand and support the need to dig. This article represents the effort to dig although, one sided. However, I would like to post the following question:

Do we actually have the capability to understand what we find? What happens if you place a broken piece of metal with foreign markings in the dirt on a farm? Has history proven that the illiterate farmer would discover it and run screaming into town that he has proof of an alien starship that crashed on his property? Can't almost anything and any event fit this analogy? The combination of events, coupled with the people and their level of intelligence and including limitations of current technology and understanding all determine the outcome of ANY discovery.

Which is why archiving exists. Fortunately, some smart folks decided to hang on to discoveries for future review. If everything we researched was an open and shut case, there would be only text books and binary code in which it is recorded. All evidence and physical matter pertaining to the discovery would not need to be stored in expensive laboratories.

Sound ridiculous? Why keep something once it has been “absolutely proven” to be this, this or that? Is it because we know that perhaps 10 years, 20 years or even more we could have different technology with which to re-evaluate the evidence or physical matter and put a fresh and more advanced persective on it. And THAT never ends.

What I'm getting at is that science by definition should be the purposely perpetual effort to understand a language - The language of the Universe and for some, God.

We are not at the stage of - All Knowledge Acquired. Nor will we be for an unimaginable length of time.

Keep digging scientists! But when will you ever understand that you're theories endlessly get disproven and reworked by those after you? Slam your fist on the table and say "Maybe!!"...never "Definitely!" It's in your DNA to want to be more than you are. Your ego feeds your need to replace an "archaic" idea of a protective, "imaginary" figure and is exactly and perfectly part of a plan that you don't have the language to understand at this time.

But please, by all means, keep digging!

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