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It's a little known fact that due to the nature of electro-magnetism and gravity (very short version) we do not touch anything. Our feet can't actually come in contact with the ground since those particles differ from that of the surface. The electro-magnetic force pushes back at many times greater strength than that of gravity, holding us up away from the opposing particles below. The same is true for any differenciating group of particles on the quantum level. So, your feet don't touch your socks, your socks can't touch your shoes and your shoes don't touch the ground. You're suspended in space, apart from all matter...Spiralling, spinning...And it raises the biggest question..."So...How does lotion work?"

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Don't Get Your Hoax Up

I ran into this article about the latest “sighting” and purported UFO over Roswell, NM yesterday.

When you view the photo:

It is a great reminder that at some point, we will be viewing something real but won’t believe our eyes - Hence the whole problem with hoaxes.

Disinformation? Sleight of Hand? Private Sector Hoax? It’s sad that when it happens, the biggest discovery in the history of mankind will be diminished
and met with distain and apathy at first. Who knows how long it would take for whatever proof we were giving, to sink in.

I almost envy the folks that can view this photo as being a real photo of an E.T. craft. But in the end, I guess I’m thankful that I know it’s obviously another hoax.

What will REAL look like now that we’ve nearly perfected fake…

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