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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Why Is Marvel Racist?

Spiderman is dead.

Peter Parker, like Superman and Batman (At least his spine was dead at one point) has inevitably kicked the Pizza Box. As one poster on a recent blog stated, "It was going to happen sometime, who can continue to believe in a character that never changes? Are they some type of Demi-God?" Well, yeah! What a dope… Do you think a series can run for 40 years without several thousand leaps of "extraordinary"?

These "Mutants" ARE like Demi-Gods, that's why folks read comics and watch the movies in the first place! Their popularity is a natural progression of trends. When the trends change, it should open up new opportunity for CREATIVE thought and lead to new characters. So, they kill Peter Parker but because the name "Spiderman" sells, this new, NOT Peter Parker takes the name? What did we loose? What did we gain? - Same old idea but now wrapped in a different skin color?

Celebrate diversity by cramming an ethnic person in an iconic suit with iconic powers, already established by a white kid? Really? If it doesn’t matter what color or background someone has, why did they make “Spiderman” a different color with a different background? So, as a white man I have to be on notice that the typical white super-hero isn’t PC enough so, it is changing for that reason only? That’s called racism folks! My race is excluded from an iconic character’s future…Because of his RACE.

It isn’t trendy, so it’s getting changed. I read a very wise post by a self-proclaimed, Jewish-Blackman. He said, "What? Marvel doesn't think a mixed kid can be his own super character and make Marvel tons of money?" Changing the color of the man inside such an iconic, pre-existing suit should be insulting. It's a clear attempt at political and racial "celebration". The problem? If Spiderman is failing because he's white, let him (Peter and Spidey) completely FAIL. I'd like to think of it as, "The Super Hero Bailout". Once in this country, because of Capitalism, we were blessed with variety.

If a car company or bank failed, it wasn't the end of the world; it was the end of an era. Now, due to massive Gubment bailouts, I have to see GMC commercials for the next 30 years whether I like it or not. No competition can compete if things aren't allowed to FAIL! Chevy, you blew it. NEXT! I want to see the next big innovators in their garages have the opportunity to get their product out. The same goes for this debacle. Marvel, kill SPIDERMAN along with Peter Parker and give the mixed kid his very own spot light, and brand NEW character to make the next 40 years just as interesting as the last...3...

I will never purchase a NEW Spiderman related item, nor will I support Marvel's insane attempt to re-launch a tired, old story. He was in high-school, he got bit by a radioactive spider, blah, blah, blah. NEXT! I find it completely insulting to anyone of ethnicity that Marvel felt they had to catapult “diversity” into our faces using an iconic character that is, and always has been white as bread. Let’s see a multi-million dollar effort for something NEW. Give Miles Morales a chance to stand for himself in his own, unique costume, sporting his own, unique powers.

Now, while I’m on the subject, should we even celebrate diversity? I mean, respect it, yes. “Celebrating” it is kind of like cheering for a group of basketball players, golfers and hockey players on a football field, hoping they will “work together” for the ultimate goal of winning the Super Bowl. Skin color differences be damned, but if “diversity” means millions and millions of different ideas, rules and directions of where the UNITED STATES of AMERICA should be going, I’d say celebrating that is just as insane as expecting those players to win that game. Isn't any game, system and mechanism only truly effective and functional if all of the components work together? Why would we celebrate people staking Mexican Flags in the front yards of their American homes? Why would we provide accommodations to anti-American America? We should all have a voice, but at what point does the celebration stop, and the ideology start ablaze?

When we can look at the majority of our neighbors and say, "Hey, I know I can count on you to help and contribute to our nation and its citizens", then celebrating diversity is in order. What does THAT have to do with Miles Morales? - Kind of the same thing as making Captain America an Iraqi man, fresh off the boat. You're welcome here buddy, but you got a LOT of hard work and loyalty to display before we make you our spokesperson. The idea of a Mexican-black kid is relatively new. From my standpoint, now that this is jammed in our faces, can we expect he will fly a "Viva la Mexico" flag outside his apartment window? Maybe cruise around with a "Black Power" T-Shirt when he is not in the real Spiderman's costume?

If it IS NOT about a political message then, and it is not about race...What did we loose and what did we gain?

This was a stupid move on Marvel's behalf.

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