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It's a little known fact that due to the nature of electro-magnetism and gravity (very short version) we do not touch anything. Our feet can't actually come in contact with the ground since those particles differ from that of the surface. The electro-magnetic force pushes back at many times greater strength than that of gravity, holding us up away from the opposing particles below. The same is true for any differenciating group of particles on the quantum level. So, your feet don't touch your socks, your socks can't touch your shoes and your shoes don't touch the ground. You're suspended in space, apart from all matter...Spiralling, spinning...And it raises the biggest question..."So...How does lotion work?"

Friday, October 18, 2013

Oh, BummerCare

The Affordable Care Act / Obamacare agenda is an interesting set of answers given to questions no major populace or voter group was actually asking - A stepping stone in the socialism direction which feeds even more into the broken idea that supporting those that can't support themselves is a great plan. Doing so breeds the weakest kind of nation and society. Before Barry Hussein took over, the average person had to wake up in the morning and decide to be more and do more in order to be rewarded with a good job with benefits. They took away the carrot and added a great, big stick.

Now, not only do you not have to worry about being more and getting more by your own efforts, you now are going to be required to sign up for a broken system or be penalized. Think about it - The biggest proponents of free health care are already arguably the scourge of society - Contributing nothing and working towards nothing. So, they "win" and went from no insurance but for free, to mandated insurance that they pay for through taxes or fining. The stupidest kinds of people are being fleeced and they can't even wrap their welfare-minded brains around it for a second.

Welfare, soup kitchen and food stamps - All bird feeders and every ounce of it a complete waste of money. "Don't feed the bears" or the humans for the same damn reason.

The government can't run even the simplest things like congressional sessions and vacation scheduling, but yeah, good plan putting the largest social project in the US's history in their hands.

Capitalism and de-regulation are the answers. The government OVER-REGULATED the medical service industry to the point of absurdity and is solely responsible for the lack of competition and therefore absurd costs associated with health care.

The ACA is one piece of the bomb-vest worn by the lunatic left and their historically proven, broken ideology that anyone on their planet is "owed" anything.

They call the GOP "terrorists" - Yet there is no evidence that they hold, whatsoever, that the GOP is operating on any new level that hasn't already been proven to be effect for over 237 years.

Sad that the argument from the left there would be that, what, "we haven't done anything good for our nation since the Declaration of Independents"? Democrats used to be far more conservative, in fact the entire populace used to be, you know, when we were a strong nation and flourishing?

The churches used to be the welfare distributors and guess what? Each handout came with at least good message and usually an offer for work. When the government handles the handouts, no message, no expectation for change - What do you think is going to happen? Well, the answer to that is the obvious numbers in the multi-millions of 3nd and 3rd generation welfare recipients. 

Progressives are anti-progress in nature. Nothing, anywhere, ever in nature supports the cancerous and weak of a species - It cuts it off or outruns it when the lions come to feast. Making the strongest the priority only makes logical sense.

"Life sucks, get a helmet" - Dennis Leery

Monday, August 19, 2013

"...Sshhhhhhhh, We're HIDING!..."

Could NOT pass up an update on this post by The Black Vault and help get the image of "out there", out there...

This is just beautiful and really, as you'll read in the link, just so perplexing to imagine that NASA would release this, knowing full-well that the observant and diligent would eat it alive with speculation.

I ask, why let this get out...Yet "blurr images of 'bases on the moon' as they say?

The link

The object:

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

The Anti-Drake

Here's a bit of an update on the “Anti-Drake-Equation” argument and one for zealots to run through the streets with. I , personally get so caught up in “fact, life is abundant in the Universe” mentality that I never stop to think about how ominous it would be to suddenly know beyond the shadow of a doubt, we are alone.

 Billions of people look to the stars and try to imagine its infinity and endless life-form variations these days (Sci-fi - TV, books and movies becoming “fact”). A scientific discovery that reveals “we are it”, would suddenly flip the world upside down. People would be running to their nearest churches and the search for God would be back in full swing.

Is this announcement a reminder that mankind is so far away from ever really knowing the truth? Where are we really placing our hopes and time? Weren’t we warned to watch out monumental distractions and endless lies? …But we are human, so maybe once in a while, our “best and brightest” are “moved” to remind us of our place.

Feeling small and helpless seems to naturally drive people to turn to super natural answers. I wonder how these findings might actually be divinely inspired.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Give the Power, to Whom Exactly?

These days, we now are seemingly always doing “battle” with liberals on various forums and social sites so I wanted anyone reading this, to be better armed. One thing I have not seen clarified in the argument on “gun control” ,
I have addressed below –

In the hands of the military or police only” – This little phrase is spreading like wildfire in the media and in the Left’s agenda to synergize their goal of disarming America. Are they under the impression that our military service men and women come from another planet and are maybe automaton droids that have no emotion or impulse and can “suddenly appear” during an act of crime or murder and save the victims? How about our police personnel, the same?

These human beings are subject to the same freedoms and challenges that the rest of us are. The military and police are our friends, family and neighbors. The argument then leans to “training”. Is it not the right and best choice for any man or woman to learn everything that they can to not only survive, but flourish in a free nation?

Training is available to anyone, anytime. And it should be the agenda of the Right to encourage the expansion of weapons training and hand to hand combat for sport and for defense at all costs. Most people that spend time at gun ranges and training events are surrounded not by “militia” or “military personnel”, but by average American citizens.

So, the weapons should be in whose hands? All of the possible leverage, in any life or death situation should be with whom, exactly? In what way, is that a good idea? In what strange and distant version of Earth is it a "good idea" to remove powerful weapons from a good and hardworking people? That's just it, right? These acts are not done by a "good and hardworking people" by and large. But good and hardworking people can celebrate their efforts with Freedom. 

Punish the many, for the acts of a few? And you liberals are TEACHERS, Doctors and Lawyers? That model doesn't work in ANY scenario. Hence, the ridiculous claim that criminalizing over 140 million + people for their free interest to buy whatever weapons they want will never stop mass murders.

The case for "The Gun Show Loophole", "High Capacity Mags" and "Military Style Assault Rifles" is simply put, here. The events that have enraged the nation and call for change would not have been changed by any ADDITIONAL legislation or Executive Orders:

 - The guns used were not purchased at gun shows, by criminals.

-  10 round magazines in an armed theatre, mall or school can be "swapped out" within seconds, allowing the shooter to continue any spree, easily. A ban on "high cap mags" will not prevent truckloads of manure from blowing up Federal buildings, etc.

- "Military Style Assault Rifles" are not accessible to the general public. They require a Class 3 Tax Stamp and extensive registration and background check. They operate at "Full Auto" or "Burst Fire" or are shortened or modified in a series of existing regulations. Not since the early 90's has an individual (American citizen) even so much as brandished one of these weapons in an act of "mass killing".

How many people died during the Spanish Inquisition? How many by "assault rifles"? How many people died during the attacks on 9/11? 9 TERRORISTS SHOULD HAVE, BY THE ARMED PEOPLE ON THE PLANES, no more.

The individual was given rights by God, an outside force, not to ever be confused by government. Even if that individual chooses not to believe in God, the system is still perfect. They are not required to and yet they get the same individual rights as designed into the Declaration of Independence! The argument falls into the Constitution, alone, too often!

The Declaration of Independence clearly shows that the life-blood and purpose of this nation is to support one’s initiative and drive to be more and have more, without the hand of tyranny to take it and “re-distribute it”.

47% of this nation…I mean 51% (after the election results)...Believes it is better to have a government take care of them, than to have to go out and get their goals accomplished on their own. This would not be quite as worrisome to the free-thinker, if simultaneously they were NOT trying to disarm those of us that make the cogs turn and feed the beast.

“Why do you need that”? – Great question! Why does a soccer player need a ball, “regulation size”? Why do cars NEED to go over a 100 miles per hour? Why, WHY, WHY??? – The free thinking, non-criminal, average American can buy what they want and the entrepreneurs can build and sell what they want. Bigger, louder and more exciting are all adjectives used to describe the average man’s inherent “interest” in the things he plays with. All innuendos aside, whether it’s a soccer ball, a backyard fire or a firearm –Safety, education and respect to all of it, for what it is, is where we start making change.

Starting a fight, telling someone what kind of shoes they can buy, what kind of car they can drive and what kind of gun they can own is the stupidest possible agitant to support “peace “ and a “violence free America”.

If the Left would like to discuss change, they can come to the table with detailed plans on changing the messages sent by Hollywood, the video game industry and the prescription drug industry, FIRST. From there we can discuss how SICK PEOPLE can be ensured by law enforcement to be removed from access to deadly objects.

In our arguments and discussions with “open minds”, those that might be on the fence and even those with their “heals dug in”, it is imperative that we use reason and patience and above all, facts and intelligence. It’s an emotional battle that can be won without bloodshed if we keep our cool. Who would come knocking on our doors for the guns? We, the People, will not. “We, the People” are the military and police. Once they bring in the U.N. to our soil, it will be an official act of war on 140 million + American Citizens. At that scale, the relatively small events (With all due respect) that caused it will seem ridiculous.

Keep your powder dry.


Thursday, June 28, 2012

Creation vs. Evolution

There are really two choices with any real foundation and relevant to the mass of humans on the surface of this planet –   A. Creation Theory or B. Evolution Theory.
The evolutionist (by and large) states that there is no proof of an “invisible”, “fictitious character” or “a God” that operates beyond our understanding and has set into motion, structured systems of matter which make up our reality. There’s no proof. It’s a repeated sentiment.
One of the biggest issues that I’ve seen between creationists and evolutionists is simply presentation and representation. I have no doubt that if the creationists of the world could speak with silver tongues and make profound statements within a sentence or two, many “lost” souls would be found and introduced to a new way of viewing faith.
Unfortunately, so many zealots represent faith and God in a blind, argumentative tone without speaking to evolutionists in an organized and scientific way.
Not all evolutionists are organized and scientific, that’s for sure. But when you are trying to go to bat for a concept that requires a life-change, the creationist would pretty much always need to be mirroring the listener and deeply respecting the reasons why they can’t, at this point, wrap their heads around the idea of a Creator.
It would seem that most of the time, one passionate zealot is fit against an atheist / evolutionist of the same educational background. In other words, folks that would bump into each other on the street, in a bar, at a mutual friend’s house and so on. Regardless of what side of the fence you’re on, you get into these discussions with people in the same neighborhood.
To clarify, I’ll be speaking in terms of atheism in its “implicit” sense. The “Positive Atheist” is the type that is “positive that there is no God”. That’s how I remember it. The “Negative Atheist” is basically sure there is no God, but doesn’t worry about it and is the closest to not even caring if they are called an Atheist or not. For these people, it is so insignificant to even mention a “stance” on the subject that they don’t take one and shun any labels.
I have tried very hard to put to words my own experiences and thoughts through my blog and face to face in a way that has never been done before, at least from what I’ve seen.
One side of me understands the “sermon on the mound” mentality and direction given to those that are excited by the message they have received. The natural order is that they would want to tell as many people as they can about this deep, meaningful event. The trouble for me has always been weeding out those that have actually received the message and those that are posing and simply wish they have. Most of these people cling to their churches and Bibles so tightly that it is very difficult for their audience members to relate to them and to keep from snickering. The implications of insecurity for both parties is obvious.
Already, I can anticipate that if any atheist started to read this post, they’ve picked apart enough information to know that I am a believer. Unfortunately, that crowd rests on “Proof!  and Facts”! But, they usually don’t stick around long enough for the message…Which arguably is presented by mindless zealots, so I don’t blame them…But receiving the message is the proof.
Part of the issue over all is that a huge number of evolutionists are cut and dried in their approach and nearly every time it’s a dispute with a cut and dried creationist. No wonder it gets so heated and insulting.
The discussion gets heated and insulting and it really all comes down to that dirty word, faith.
Do you know trigonometry? Are you a propulsion scientist? If not, ok. Do you fly on airplanes? If so, great! You have just demonstrated that you are capable of having faith. Of course any scholar would argue that my example is not of “blind faith” which is the real argument, right?
We can trace the parts back that make up the plane and its ability to fly safely through the air. We can see the pieces that were calculated, engineered and assembled according to clear instructions. We don’t have to know trigonometry ourselves or who Bernoulli was in order to take advantage of a little faith in the other folks that do.
So now that we know atheists and evolutionists do operate with at least some faith, on a daily basis, we have to talk about scale and relativity.
If a faithful believer understands mortality, they can easily pray and fall to their knees in fear and in hope and ask for guidance to achieve salvation (in one form or another from religion to religion). That act requires a very deep social mechanism which is seen in daily life - That person’s relationship with their father and authority in general - Plain and simple.
What I’ve seen in these discussions and flat out arguments are insults that really bring out the real issue in atheists. Not all are aggressive about it, but you get a lot of data reading through or listening to their points on the whole mentality. It really makes a lot of sense.
“No one tells me nuthin’, no-how”! – Sounds about right. I put a hillbilly spin on it, but basically there seems to be no hope in discussing the idea of God with someone that can’t even deal with Dad - So, because of the natural order of things, no matter how anti-establishment, anti-God, anti-authority the person…They will rest on SOMETHING written, represented or introduced by SOMEONE. Almost no humans ever, have sat alone at the top of a mountain without influence throughout their entire lives.
No, these folks reject the “fiction” of the creation theory (not the creation story, two completely different things in my book). The Bible is “fictitious” and “written by men”. But they easily rest on one man’s written word, all day long.
Darwinism! When is the last time you got into an argument about creation vs. evolution and quoted Darwin’s findings as a creationist to argue the side of creation? Try it! Darwin and his theories support the creation argument perfectly, if you take the time to consider it all.
The system and order presented shows an arguably clear path of life from primordial soup to the twisted mentality and complex ego of a “three-way-sandwich”. Poor example of spectrum ends, well crass at least, but how else could I work in food references?
The Food Chain - Perhaps my favorite analogy in support of showing designed and intentional reality:
-          No other living being that we have seen can explain how a taste or odor makes them feel and relay that feeling to a new sensation or memory. I.e. – “I don’t like the smell of pancakes because it reminds me of my douchie, hippy Uncle”. Or, “I can’t eat meat because I love animals, they’re so cute”!
We do not and would not see evolution catering to such anti-“kill or be killed” philosophies and feeling about something as important as smell and taste. We would have evolved to consume any and all available food stuffs and would not need to “like” or “dislike” tastes and smells based on emotion. We would “like” and “dislike” these things only ever based on “editable” or “not edible” as the “King of the Food Chain” rule prescribes.
Variety? Completely unnecessary! Variety of tastes and odors would be a byproduct of multiple, organized biological arrangements, sure, but we can’t even calculate the number of smells, tastes and colors that apply to the countless tastes, memories and unexplainable cognitive connections made to them by our brains. “Kill or be killed” and “edible” and “not edible” is as advanced as Darwin’s theory can ever really get.
One could almost stagger trying to think of why it is that the 4th grade-mentality, shotgun wielding, hick, hillbillies of the world aren’t the evolutionists. Eating meat, nearly raw, touting “nuke e’m”! and being as close to “me against the world” as it gets, socially…How did we end up with the “free-love” hippy, “live and let live”, “everyone deserves a hand-out” as the Darwin theory supporters and evolutionists?
Nature is not a “put-yourself-out for others” rules set. I could go into a tirade about “Animal Shelters”… (Get it? Animals putting up shelters for other animals…never mind)…but the leap from that mental function to ours is relatively the same distance from Earth to the edge of the Universe for all we know.
So, why the leap from troglodytes to Einstein? It’s inarguable that we’ve found intelligently designed structures and paintings in the ballpark of “tens of thousands of years old”. The creation story says, “Nope! Bad science”! Well come on, an undergrad can tell you that X amount of erosion / time on Y type of rock with look like Z. These guesses as to the creation of the Easter Island heads and the newly discovered cave paintings in Spain that range into nearly 40,000 years old may be off, but no chance in my opinion of them being off by 35,000 years.  
Matter is energy. There is no such thing as a “solid object” – Science fact – “Solid” is a term, like “time” is a term that is archaic and used by textbook scientists and intellectuals to measure and describe interactions with reality. Amit Goswami’s theory for the quantum organization of “matter” in our reality simplifies the overall truth: We are a thought, as are stones, metals, wood, air and every other material object. Each particle indisputably has “instruction” as to where it belongs and what function it has.
Not one single particle would exist if there were no instructions or purpose.
There are rules. There is order. There is purpose - All at a quantum level, being observed and appreciated by highly advanced, walking “amoebae”.
It gets “Evos” pretty uncomfortable thinking that once they decide that life is a quirky accident and that the Big Bang is their Alpha and Omega, they will burn in heck. The nerve that some “authority” could judge them for demanding proof and stomping their feet down for facts, sickens them - Again, daddy issues much?
Listening to “True Believers” tout blind faith and ignorant chants from a collected works of passed down stories doesn’t help. The creationist comes at these Evos with “facts” written by humans who knew way, WAY less about life and reality 2000 years ago. Of course Evos won’t accept that for answers! Read a text book from 1960 and then try to teach a bio chemistry course from it in 2012, even the freshmen would have a laugh by the end of the first chapter.
It’s easy if you step back with a little humility. If a person can at least agree that both sides are absolutely brimming full of important points, then the most important point of all will become apparent:
“Choosing not to seek the truth with an open heart and open mind certainly gets you nothing"    - Trevor Lowder
A human has a choice. Believe or do not. Faith is the perfect invention, since it requires will,           study, reflection, humility, love and hope. Like the chemical composition of a protein strand, without that specific combination, the human being would be impossible and most importantly, unnecessary in the natural world.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Reality, Checked - Akashic Record

First of all, I know how unpleasant it can be to listen to someone say phrases or words incorrectly, like “Often with the “t” included…You want to show off that you know there’s a “t” in often, but still, enunciating it is grammatically incorrect. So, I want acknowledge to any listeners that have researched the “Akashic Records” and dislike my use of it in the singular, “Record.” We don’t say “The Internets,” unless we’re G Dubya, so why say The Akashic Records?
Understanding The Akashic Record in the singular actually starts to help clarify what it really is. The Wiki search and basically every source of information you can find refers to the system of “records” which is going to confuse any newly interested people. Each bit of information counts as a record? Hopefully some scholars will take me up on my analogy and we can update this term.

The Record, is “all knowledge” so we can’t compress it and make mechanical and turn it into “packets of information”. People describe them as “records” so that they can wrap their heads around it but really it’s like accessing an entire alternate plane and it operates in a different dimension so it’s fluid and spiritual and not clunky and physical at all.

 Example of observable “upload” and “download:
As a kid, I was an aspiring comic book artist. I drew all of my own characters and flat out refused to draw any other Marvel or DC comics super heroes. My, “Dark Paige” story relates to information being available and accessible – It relates to “Creative Visualization” and “The Secret” but comes together through the Record.

I had created a character and drawn him all out. I had written my back story and felt like he was definitely one of my favorites. For the first time, I had imagined that cybernetics would be capable of being so strong and compact that an artificial human limb could perform amazing feats without having to be muscular. So I used the space around his artificial legs which would have been muscle and added machine guns. He was limber and springing around like Spiderman to where you could start to see how he'd be able to aim and shoot these "Thigh-Caliber" weapons as I called them...ahem...

For weeks I worked on this idea and was so proud of it. I was never the type to copy work, ideas or follow trends when it comes to creative thinking. I always pushed myself to think outside of the box.

As I walked through the grocery store one day back '91 or '92, I saw him. Right there, on the cover of The Amazing Spiderman...My dude. Same basic colors, same face mask style and yep, guns for legs. Right over the top of the thigh, not clunky and mechanical like in Grind House, streamlined and muscular. Dark Paige had made it onto the cover of a Marvel comic, but not because of me.

At the time, Marvel had purchased the rights to basically EVERY super power, weapon and character that could be imagined. It was a land-lock situation for any aspiring, teenage comic creators. I really felt hopeless. I didn't even buy the comic, nor can I remember the name of their version of my character. I never looked back.

I've since learned about idea sharing and this whole prism experience. It's a combination of data and we can only process so much collectively. Stuff gets pulled from the record and accessed unknowingly by billions of individuals daily. Some see it as a stroke of genius in the middle of the night. Some see it as dreams that will never be fulfilled so they ignore it.

I am no longer "bummed" that I didn't get to flesh out that new character and put it in my portfolio for the future. He's still in there and my portfolio isn't going to any comic book companies anytime soon for a job listing. So, really, what did I miss out on? I could have kept going but because of hundreds of factors I didn't. So, whoever created that other character had the advantage and technically needed a "win" more than I did.

Other examples of Akashic Record access can be seen as defeats and distractions, but as we gain control and understanding, we upload and download more advantageously.
Have you ever thought you’ve seen the same person, twice or a few times but in different settings and there’s no way it could be the same person. Sure, some people look alike, but there are these times when everything just stops and you are trying to place this person, you know you know them but they’re looking at you look, “Ok crazy stalker – Thanks for stopping by…Buh bye now…” This is an example of the view of a record that YOU may be accessing and “downloading” into your environment.

If you want to walk on the fringe think of it like a movie set, filled with props. The stage is as blank or as full as your mind can handle. The more you demand from your experience here, the more props that become available. This is all of the basis of The Secret, that book that explains how to imagine yourself into a happy life…That idea should be connected to the Akashic Record which to me, is the device with which to draw from and add to as your mind becomes more powerful.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Area 51 Trip

June 11 th through the 13 th 2010

Shut the Front Door!


Our trip began at noon on Friday the 11th. On schedule, we hit the road from Lake
Havasu City heading north to Dreamland, Area 51 for a weekend of adventure. Kris and I
decided to bring along my ATV and his dirt bike last minute since our friend Billy
decided not to go. We trekked across the desert, heading to out first stop, Pilot, for
The forecast called for clear skies and a low of 60 degrees - Perfect sky watching
weather! We had a blowout on the trailer along the way which threw our schedule off by
few hours over all. Changing the tire was a cinch since Kris had all of the tools and spare
handy. It was while in Henderson that things slowed way down. The details and timing of
the events are all so very relevant. I’ll explain why, later.
One of my favorite experiences on a trip is when things present themselves as
shining beacons of irony. Well, that may be a little embellished but when you can’t park
your big ‘ol truck and trailer within a 100 yards of the tire place and have to carry a
heavy, blown-out rim and tire that distance it’s good to know the Universe is looking out
for you. In this case, some nice person decided to ditch their Albertson’s shopping cart 10
feet away from where we had to park, thus creating a perfect blown-out tire,
transportation mechanism…No fuss, no muss.

After being told that in 10 years of his experience at the tire shop, no one had
steered in a rim and tire on a shopping cart before. We dropped it off and headed for the
bank. On our way out the door, someone shoved me from behind. I turned around and
there was Billy. Did I mention we had a third coming along originally? His plans had
changed and he was staying behind. Billy was going to pile in and camp out at Groom
Lake too. This was really the start of the strangeness. Of all of the tire places, in all of
Vegas we stopped at the Discount Tire where Billy was waiting for tires for his fiancé
Andrea’s car. 5 minutes was the difference between bumping into him and not.
After the initial, “Get the heck out of here!” (Or as he says, “Shut the Front
Door!") shock had passed we had a good laugh. What are the chances?

2 hours later, our business in Vegas was finally wrapped up. The sun was going
down but we had the security of a new spare tire and a new pair of hiking shoes for me on
board. The truck was pointed north again and off in the distance the clouds grew thick.


It Was a Dark and Stormy Night…

By the time we made it to the Extraterrestrial Highway (375) the sun had vanished
and the rain set in. I had studied “topo” maps (Topographical) and Google Earth heavily
enough to know at the time we were just 50 miles away (as a crow flies) from one of the
most heavily guarded, top secret installations in the world. It all began to sink in for me, I
felt the energy shift slightly and there it was….not the base, but indirect proof of its
presence. Staring at the GPS in Kris’ new GMC truck while he held his compass out on
his i-Phone the GPS went black before our eyes. Seconds ago it had worked perfectly as
we tried to get our bearings. Now, the screen was blank and all that was shown was the
arrow indicator showing us in a sea of darkness. We both looked at each other then at the
compass which was spinning wildly and agreed that this was a pretty awesome first
impression of “Dreamland”.

Although I had spent quite a bit of time studying the area from a mile above, you
never really know the terrain until your boots are on the ground. We missed the two roads
that I wanted to camp on and we were heading toward Rachel, NV and the Little
A’Le’Inn (Alien, get it?) restaurant.

Not knowing what the roads would be like in the rain, we pressed on for a famous
A’Le’ Inn burger and some intel.

My buddy John told me all about the food and about the folks that worked out
there so we had to check it out. Unfortunately, it was nearly closing time and the grill was
cold when we arrived. There were only two people in there, the shop keep and another
gentleman sitting at the end of the bar. I asked the shop keep if there was someplace close
to camp that maybe wasn’t so muddy. He said we should check out Coyote Summit 4
miles back the way we came. I thanked him and took one more look around before I hit
the door. Wait a minute, why was this so familiar to me? It wasn’t déjà vu. John told me
something days ago before I left. It came back to me as Kris and I were leaving. I could
hear John say, “Look for the guy at the end of the bar and try to talk to him”. John hadn’t
been out there for over 5 years and here this guy is sitting exactly like what was
described. It wasn’t the right time to go and talk to him now but I was blown away by
how uncanny this was - Right down to the trucker hat and physical description of him.

We headed back out into the darkness and drove to Coyote Summit. We pulled in
to check it out. I was being indecisive because when I get something stuck in my mind, I
press for it. Yet, here we were in a pitch black, unknown environment. Luckily our sense
of adventure kicked in and we decided to just find the spot I had in mind based on the
map and hope for the best.

We ditched Coyote Summit and got back on to Highway 375 heading back
towards Groom Lake Rd. We had about 20 miles to go before the turn off at mile marker
34. We noticed something off in the distance - A glowing orange light just above the
horizon. It was the base! With as much careful lighting that goes into keeping the base
stealthy and low profile, they couldn’t keep the low, misty clouds from being a dead give
away tonight. All my studying and our printouts confirmed that that glow was
pinpointing the location of the base that “doesn’t exist”. We would have been guessing
the whole weekend as to where the base was in relation to the trailer. This lucky
happenstance made all the difference in the world.

As we traveled south on 375 and had our eyes peeled for mile markers in the rain,
we saw another glowing light ahead of us. It’s a light that the two of us, on different
occasions, have seen a thousand times by oncoming cars at night. Just before the clear
outlines of headlights appear, you can tell by this glow that they are about to. It lasted for
several minutes. It would get closer as if about to crest then seem miles ahead of us.
Unless the vehicle was driving backwards at 50 MPH, this made absolutely no sense. The
glow dimmed and went away. We had traveled nearly 15 miles with this going on. A few
minutes later, an oncoming truck started the process over but within seconds we could
see the headlights. That made sense, the first glow did not. Just another creepy event to
keep us focused.

We found mile marker 34 and saw the Groom Lake Rd. stop sign. We headed
West on the long dirt road and realized how well maintained everything was. I found one
of the roads on the right that would lead to a corral that I was considering for camping a
few days earlier. We went to check it out and ran into some mud. This was not our spot.
We got back on the narrow side road headed south and crossed Groom Lake Rd.
keeping Area 51 on our right side. We were still using the glow of the lights from the
base to make sure we lined up perfectly once we found our spot. As we slowly cruised
along this lightly used utility access, we started getting pretty concerned and were
exhausted from the day. Where was the next turn? When you’re pulling a 28” RV
through an unfamiliar area in the rain on a road with zero room to turn around, it gets
stressful. We just about talked ourselves into parking on this road and calling it good until
daylight. As we slowed down and were getting ready to do so we caught the edge of the
upcoming left turn in our headlights. We pulled up and discovered the perfect camp spot.
It was just off the road and left plenty of room to unload the bikes (My ATV and his Dirt

We setup camp and had a good dinner. Kris finalized some stuff outside and
locked up the rigs. He came in from the damp, cold night air and said he was never so
sure in his life that we were being watched. I agreed. We could tell as soon as we settled
in that there were eyes on us - Electronic or otherwise. They knew we were there.
Moments later, a truck came down the road slowly. It stopped about 25 yards away and
waited. We turned off the lights and looked out the front door to see what was going to
happen. The truck drove off slowly. This was about 1 a.m. We shook it off and got some
shut eye.

The Two-Day Long, One Day

Living in the desert your whole life, you get very familiar with certain sounds.
There is one distinct sound that you get familiar with when you spend a lot of time racing
through the desert or watching other people race in the desert. Some city folks would
think it was the sound of an oncoming jet fighter. For one second as my mind was ripped
from its slumber, I did think it was a low flying jet. Indeed, it was not. It was the sound of
a truck flying down the road at about 80 mph. The sand kicked up and hit the side of the
trailer and the wind from it shook the RV as well. My first thought was of total relief that
we pressed on and got the heck OUT of that road! This was not the kind of road that you
do 80 mph on every day - Groom Lake Rd maybe. This road went nowhere. I remember
seeing that it trailed off into a distant dry lake bed and went nowhere near the base. 2
more white Ford F-150 trucks flew past over the next couple of minutes. By then I had
setup a post at the trailer window to watch the rest of the caravan - Soon, a completely
blacked out Ford F-250 Heavy Duty rolled by. No plates, no markings just two hazardous
material signs on it. This thing was custom. It had a standard cab but the back end looked
like an armored truck without any doors or windows. 3 more vehicles followed over the
next couple of minutes – One car (a Dodge something or other) and two more standard
Ford trucks, all white and traveling together.

We had some breakfast and stepped out to get our bearings. This was the first site
of the area we had gotten yet and we had been there for over 10 hours. We could not have
picked a better spot in the entire valley!

The Gear -

There was complete cloud cover and scattered showers as far as the eye could see.
Our plan to hike up to the top of Tikaboo Peak was toast. Not only would it be slick and
dangerous from the rain, it would be fruitless since we couldn’t see into the base anyway.
Without being too bummed out, we got excited about a day long trail ride, geared up and
headed out.

Our first stop was the famous “Warning Signs” and visit to where everyone
always sees the “Camo Dudes”. These are the armed guards that are charged with
“shooting you on site” for trespassing onto the mysterious property. Sure enough, we
were being watched as we approached the signs. We made it to the edge of Air Force
boundary and they moved there truck closer to watch what we would do. The tan Ford F-
150 was pretty menacing and was obviously the vehicle of the day. We stopped for a
couple of minutes, took a drink of water and headed back. I did a kind of solute slash
wave and off we went.

On the way back we could see two other lookout spots where the Camo Dudes
can see the whole valley. There’s our trailer…the ONLY vehicle or camp set up within
50 miles! We found a really cool trail leading back into the “no” zone. It was some of the
strangest rock formation I’ve ever seen. It was like sandstone honey combs or something
and it could only be seen from within this one wash. We traveled through it for about a

We came to the end of that trail and were totally surprised that not one single
vehicle had traveled up that way in many years. There was no turn around spot, just
tracks leading straight into the base. We didn’t chance it and made our own turnaround

We rode around and explored the valley. I was freezing by the time we got back. I
hadn’t thought to bring a bunch of warm clothes. Luckily I did have a jacket and
sweatshirt but by now those were soaked through. Kris had a water resistant jacket on and
his motorcycle gear so he was set. We stopped at the trailer to refill and for me to warm
up and grab a helmet. Having the whole day ahead of us and only limited trail, we
decided we had to have an A’ Le’ Inn (ALIEN, get it yet?) burger! We rode 25 miles
back to Rachel stopping only once to see the famous solid white, “Black Mailbox”. The actual Black Mailbox was removed many years ago.

Yep...A Helmet on My Head...It was THAT Cold...

We made it to the restaurant and ordered two of the famous burgers. Whatever the
sauce is, it’s amazing. Ancient alien secret recipe or some crap, delicious!
We saw the old lady that owns the place and her son working in the back to feed
the hungry passers-through. I saw the “guy at the end of the bar” again and he was busy
talking to a lady that obviously lived there too. They passed around a book of sightings
which had a high rez photo from a Russian satellite of Area 51. Kris studied it and his
jaw hit the floor...

All this time, all of these miles now traveled in the area that morning. My
insistence on pointing the trailer in the right direction and not settling for a second rate
camp spot came to a sudden revelation. This was a really big deal. Our campsite was only
13 miles as a crow flies from the most advanced, high tech, secretive installation in the

With a new sense of appreciation for our current location on planet Earth, we
geared back up and headed south to camp down 375. A total of 4 cars passed us all day.
Some cows had crossed the road and a baby calf was left behind and was reluctant to
cross. I’ve taken my quad a lot a places and have done a lot of cool things with it but up
until this point, I’d never herded with it. That little fella didn’t like the sound too much
and he was a squirrelly devil but I managed to get him across safely.

We made it back to camp and topped off our tanks with the last of the fuel. We
took a look around, looked up at the sun’s position in the cloudy sky, looked back at
Tikaboo Peak and decided it needed to be done. There was a hint of blue sky coming
through in the east and from our experience, plenty of time to knock out a 15 mile hike.
We took a look at the topo map, agreed on a trajectory and hit the trail again.
After some doubt, just like the night before, it seemed like we would never find
the left-hand turn that is shown on the map. We found it however and it all started to line
up to the foot hills of the mountain. We found an old rancher trail that worked its way up
into the unknown and ran our bikes hard over rocks and shrubs to stay on the line.
The trail faded in and out of clarity a few times and I had to cut in a few feet and
hope it connected. Luckily, we pressed on through the gigantic wash and eventually I
kept us connected to the main trail.

As we approached the basin, we realized that we had lost track of the actual peak
we needed to climb. The terrain was very similar but as it got higher, the rocks and
sediment changed color. At least that gave us some bearing as to where to look for the
peak. We left our over worked rigs and headed south on foot.

Much deliberation followed as we tried to decide which hill to dedicate our climb
to. It was around 1 pm that we started and as 3 pm closed in; we had hiked for 10 miles
and hadn’t really climbed in any upward direction. Finally, we picked a peak that overlooked
the valley and got an amazing view. We confirmed the location of Tikaboo Peak
from there and found the ravine that we needed to take way north of where we were. It
was pretty cool to be up at about 7000 ft and see only our trailer again in the entire valley.

We were “it” for activity for the Camo Dudes to watch and that was kind of cool.
By 4pm we had started to head back to the bikes (my ATV/quad and Kris’ XR
650 dirt bike) We had one last little foothill to clear before we made it and it hit us.
There’s the peak, there’s the ravine, and it’s SO CLOSE! Let’s bust it out so we can say
we did it. We took off at a jog and got back into a groove and a hope of conquering this
mountain. The sky was clearing up and we had the sun cooking us while we pushed
ourselves up boulders and in through some of the most difficult terrain.


I have to admit, as 5 pm approached, I wussed out. Kris wanted to press on. We
were SO CLOSE. Staring at the bottom of the last 500 feet of the climb to victory, it
became clear. A steep, sharp climb would have been in the cards 3 hours ago but we
don’t have a ride waiting for us at the top. Our gear is 20 miles away, the bikes are sitting
out in the middle of nowhere…we have to quit while we’re ahead.
Staring up at these last few hundred feet, we both were disappointed but it is what
happened later that made that a great decision.

The sun was starting to set. We found our bikes easily thanks to good ‘ol “Honda
Red” sticking out in the desert sand light a light bulb. My Forest Green ATV would have
been a little trickier to locate. Exhausted from the attempt at the peak and 18 or so miles
from camp now, we needed to make some decent time. I was worried because that trail
had been so difficult to follow in the first place. Amazingly, once we got out of the main
wash and found the trail head, the lower sunlight hit the now impressed weeds from the
first trip up in such a way that the trail was clear as daylight. We flew down the trail and
kicked up dust in places the Camo Dudes haven’t seen in many years!

Getting back to camp was a cinch. We off loaded the bikes and each cracked a
Corona faster than green grass through a gooses….rear end.
The day’s activities at that time felt like two days of non-stop adventure. We had
ridden over 100 miles and hiked over 12. We were both wiped out and ready to get
cleaned up and grab some dinner.

After we grubbed, we agreed that we had to get some sky watching in. Kris’
trailer is really nice and very roomy but it is still a “one butt kitchen”. So, he volunteered
to clean up dinner and dishes and I went outside to check on the clearing sky. There was
still a considerable amount of low, scattered cloud cover. I looked to the south and saw
Sirius blazing away more brightly than I think I have ever seen it. It could be compared to
a police car with full code lights, tossed into the sky and stuck there, 5 miles away. No
other stars were visible it was just peeking through. I shook it off because I knew it was
Sirius just acting normally. (Aside from it’s heightened luminosity)
I looked due north and caught another star doing nearly the same thing. They
were both twinkling violently. Interesting choice of words to describe a star - You just
had to be there. These stars were twinkling to a degree of luminosity that I have never
seen before!

I went back in for a while because it was windy and cold. The temp at this point
was around 45 or 50 degrees - Cold for an AZ guy. About 15 minutes passed and we
were both layered up and were wearing as much clothing as we could muster. We stepped
outside and the clouds had significantly dispersed. It was a new moon (a completely
moonless night). The southern sky was the deepest blue imaginable, near black. Every
star in the sky was 3 times brighter than we’ve ever seen. There was one spot in the sky
near the constellation Orion that looked as if a thousand airliners were circling in a
holding pattern 30,000 feet up. I can’t explain the amount of twinkling and do it justice. It
was simply incredible.

Astounded, we grabbed our chairs and climbed to the top of the RV. With a 20
mph wind and it being pitch dark it was a task. We got settled in and began to focus our
two sets of binoculars on the outline of the foothills just this side of Area 51.
We were very lucky to find a red light way off in the distance and just on the
horizon. I assume this is the main gate as it does line up with where there road was, past
the Camo Dudes and into the restricted zone. We used this light to explain where we
were looking. Trying to get two people to look at the same spot through optics at night is
a pretty big challenge so this red light was perfect. We saw some vehicles driving around
and one vehicle in particular was driving very fast on one of the trails up way past where
civilians are allowed.

It’s my understanding that they do have covert training for foot
soldiers and snipers out that way as well as vehicle surveillance training. Who knows
what was going on but it was cool to see at least something taking place.
I wasn’t very disappointed at all that in two days we hadn’t seen so much as a
helicopter fly by in any direction. I was ok with that, but now that the sky was clear and
we out paying close attention, I really started to worry. We struck up a conversation
about that fact, eyes to the sky and horizon, watching the same place at the same time -
Dead center of the base.

I’ve seen some very interesting and unexplainable objects in the sky. I know what
ordinary aircraft of all shapes and sizes move like. I know what typical aircraft have for
lighting and they way it looks in all kinds of conditions. Havasu is a prime location to get
very familiar with these things. We are “on the way” to Phoenix to L.A. and back and
Phoenix to Vegas and back.

Havasu is constantly the site of military exercises and on the path for a regular
refueling training routine. I live on the south side of town and our airport is on the north
so smaller aircraft fly over constantly. All of this is a constant reminder that the things
I’ve seen up to this point have been extra ordinary and what I am about to see is the third
most amazing thing I have ever seen in my life to date.

A 200 plus foot long object approximately 30 feet thick, “jumped” into sight
from just above the horizon directly above where the bulk of the buildings are at the base.
It “jumped” three more times into position and began traveling on a horizontal plane due
south. There were three huge lights on the side that were mostly white but we could see
an occasional red and blue hue emitted. The lights were each probably 20 to 30 feet in
diameter and either attached to the craft or were a result of some type of energy emission.

Arguably nothing like what we saw...But the Closest Image I can Find


We watched the craft move south for a few seconds then saw something neither of
us could understand nor believe at first. The craft “jumped” up 200 feet or so, then
“jumped” back 500 feet then forward, down, up and back. It was popping in and out of
existence and leaping hundreds of feet without following the normal laws of physics. I
can best describe it as teleportation. We watched as it popped around this horizontal
plane and went behind some clouds and a mountain not far from the base and disappear.
We knew what we just witnessed was probably the most incredible thing possible
- an actual UFO sighting at Area 51. We were ecstatic!

We kept looking in that same location but nothing appeared for a while. We
looked to the north and there were a bunch of exercises going on with conventional craft
now. Possibly C-130s and some fighters were practicing. I am not sure what the larger
aircraft were but they were lit up like Christmas trees. They would strobe then stop then
strobe and go dark - Pretty wild stuff. Kris spotted the object over the base again while I
was looking north and I missed it. According to him, it behaved the exact same way the
second time.

It was so great to have an immediate reference to what we just saw. Here are
several, actually about ten, aircraft of understandable size traveling within the parameters
of known science just 30 miles away at nearly the same 30 degree plane from where we
witnessed all physics break down.

The Butterfly Effect was at play. That all of these things that happened took place
to bring us to that moment, that one occurrence and 60 second or so test of this gigantic
craft over this immense secret base…What are the chances? We deliberated and thought
about the what-ifs until we realized it probably wasn’t going to show itself again.

By this time it was late and we were freezing up there in the wind. We had a huge
adventure that day and we decided to try and watch a little longer from inside the trailer.
After about an hour, it was around 1:30 am Sunday we gave up. I was dozing off up in
my loft in the back of the rig and he was toast and unable to see anything at the front.

I stepped outside to water the bushes one last time before I crashed. The night was
so extremely quiet. Being so far away from civilization there is an unbelievable quiet that
is just surreal. I slowly stepped out to a field across the main road facing the base hoping
for one last glimpse of super secret activity. My senses were lit up and I felt so absolutely
sure I was being watched. I started to spook myself and talk myself out of doing my
business and just wiz in the bathroom of the trailer. Maybe I should have, but I didn’t. I
finished, zipped up and froze solid. I couldn’t believe what I heard...

There is a distinct cough a man makes when he is messing with someone. It’s a
single cough that is so intentional and so clear that a guy just knows it
beyond the shadow of a doubt. I heard it, it was distinct and as real as the absolute
blackness I was starring into. I tried desperately to get a bearing. I know what I had heard
but from which direction?

My defenses were severed. I had a .380 caliber pistol on me which was
less effective than a golf ball sized rock in this situation. I had no way to see this person
and they could see me very clearly. Thank God I had studied up on this place. Somehow
logic took over and I thought it through even though my adrenaline was pumping, my
brain had to kick in since physical reaction was worthless. I started to think about where I

We haven’t seen a vehicle on the road since that afternoon when we were coming
down the hill and we saw the caravan leaving, headed back to wherever it was they go
home for the day. I know there are zero campers out here and the probability of hillbillies
traipsing around out in the night to cause trouble in one of the most secure locations in the country is
slim and none. I also know that there are all sorts of training programs with the most high
tech equipment imaginable out in these parts. I am 13 miles away from Area 51, can I
expect that there is some military bad ass or bad asses out in the field in front of me training for
a sniper mission or assassination and covert ops training going on around me? Yes, yes I
can. This guy coughed and let me know he was there on purpose and in retrospect, I think
that is so totally cool.

I walked back into the trailer and told Kris we were as safe as we could possibly
be right now. He agreed. The world’s most powerful army just outside our 1/8” thick
aluminum walls out in the middle of BFE…pretty humbling. I slept like a baby.


The next day I was up at about 7am. Today, there wasn’t an 80 mph caravan of
government vehicles headed off into nowhere to wake me earlier. I stepped outside to a
beautiful Sunday morning. Very few scattered, bright-white clouds off in the distance. A
slight breeze came from the north but in the sunlight it was perfect.

An hour later we were packed up and headed home. We decided to skip breakfast
in the trailer and treat ourselves to the little café / bakery that we spotted 40 miles away in
Alamo, NV.

We found it and pulled in. It was a very cool little place, as down home as it gets.
There were a few people finishing up their breakfasts but the grill was switched to lunch
by the time we ordered.

The food was great!

We finished up. They were having a bake sale, Kris got up and began
investigating the situation. I was hovering over the table while the waitress cleaned off
the last empty seat. She asked me if everything was ok. I said the food was great and I
was just waiting for the check. She smiled and showed me where she had left it. "If it were a
snake it would have bit ya."

I laughed and said I was so tired and “out of it” from my trip. She asked where we
were headed and I explained that we were going back to Vegas and Lake Havasu
respectively after having had camped outside of Area 51 all weekend. She got this look
like, “What else is new” and asked me if we saw anything weird while she rolled her

This was awesome because I deal with people as a profession and I can read folks
very well. She did a very good job of screening me. This is the part where I am supposed
to say, “No we didn’t see anything” and then she plays the role of – “Yeah, most folks
come out here and ask a thousand questions about what “we” see but never share their
own sightings off hand”.

I didn’t hesitate though when she asked me if we had seen something. I lit up and
explained our sighting in detail. She smiled and said she knew exactly what I was
talking about. She saw the exact same thing 3 nights earlier! What she said next blew me
away. She very calmly stated that as she and her husband were watching “at a closer
distance than what you saw it”, it bugged her that he couldn’t tell her what it was. I didn’t
ask, she offered this info, this is the real deal. He works at the base; her son is a Camo
Dude. He does not say a word to her about work, neither does her son. They follow
protocol to a “T”. The only thing she could confirm to us was that we weren’t crazy, nor
were our eyes playing tricks on us.

She made it absolutely clear that the Men in Black were real and that they do
regular check ups on her and her friends and co-workers. She knew the conversation we
were having at this moment would come up. She didn’t seem worried because she didn’t
divulge any real information. At this point, I am convinced that the government almost
demands an air of mystery. They allow people to speculate to a certain degree without
ever actually allowing the presentation of facts.

This lady had been visited by the MIB before regarding another friend whose
husband worked for Skunk Works and was a mechanical engineer working on the Stealth
Fighter back in the early 90’s. This conversation was the absolute icing on the cake for
us. By the way the conversation started, it was clear that she didn’t offer this information
to just anyone.

Everything came together and fit so that it was just a great opportunity for her to
share. No other customers, I wasn’t prying for information and we both had seen the
same thing in the sky within days of each other - The perfect end to an incredible trip.
We loaded back up into the truck and headed south. We had a few hundred miles
of pavement ahead. The Pahranagat National Wildlife Refuge is just minutes from

We talked about conquering Tikaboo Peak soon and are putting together a plan to
bring my Dobsonian telescope up to the top on a clear day to see into the base. As we
mapped out our plans, our second blowout on the trailer occurred and we realized we
were heading back to reality. Glad we stopped at the tire shop and got to say hi to Billy!
We threw the new spare on and made it home safely.