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It's a little known fact that due to the nature of electro-magnetism and gravity (very short version) we do not touch anything. Our feet can't actually come in contact with the ground since those particles differ from that of the surface. The electro-magnetic force pushes back at many times greater strength than that of gravity, holding us up away from the opposing particles below. The same is true for any differenciating group of particles on the quantum level. So, your feet don't touch your socks, your socks can't touch your shoes and your shoes don't touch the ground. You're suspended in space, apart from all matter...Spiralling, spinning...And it raises the biggest question..."So...How does lotion work?"

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

The Anti-Drake

Here's a bit of an update on the “Anti-Drake-Equation” argument and one for zealots to run through the streets with. I , personally get so caught up in “fact, life is abundant in the Universe” mentality that I never stop to think about how ominous it would be to suddenly know beyond the shadow of a doubt, we are alone.

 Billions of people look to the stars and try to imagine its infinity and endless life-form variations these days (Sci-fi - TV, books and movies becoming “fact”). A scientific discovery that reveals “we are it”, would suddenly flip the world upside down. People would be running to their nearest churches and the search for God would be back in full swing.

Is this announcement a reminder that mankind is so far away from ever really knowing the truth? Where are we really placing our hopes and time? Weren’t we warned to watch out monumental distractions and endless lies? …But we are human, so maybe once in a while, our “best and brightest” are “moved” to remind us of our place.

Feeling small and helpless seems to naturally drive people to turn to super natural answers. I wonder how these findings might actually be divinely inspired.

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  1. You don't have a contact button anywhere on the site?? Saw you on blackvault and read your Area 51 post. Interesting.... id like to see the pics that arent on the site any longer. cool trip.